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Hobbies play a big role in the well being of people these days where it provides a channel of recreation, rejuvenation and many a times, a channel of expression as well. Marine fish keeping is one of the hobbies in today’s world where people find peace and tranquility by keeping the fishes for their beauty, calmness and satisfaction. Keeping marine fish differs from the usual freshwater fish keeping in most ways.

Apart from the species which are different, the dynamics of marine fishkeeping also differs considerably. This starts from the fundamentals to the selection of the entire eco-system of the hobby. A marine aquarium which is effective will require more sophisticated equipments as compared to the more conventional freshwater fishkeeping. Generally, marine fishes are more colourful and in most ways more beautiful and hence more attention need to be put into this hobby in every sense.

The major components used in marine fishkeeping are usually glass or acrylic and there must be a water filtration equipment as well as proper lighting and a heater for the aquarium too. Tanks used in this type of fishkeeping usually range from less than 80 liters to more than 1,200 liters which are governed by what type of fish you intend to keep.